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Vicki Marlane
San Francisco Grand Marshal 2003

The Girl with the Liquid Spine
Vicki got her start from a female impersonator, Hedy Jo Starr, who saw her stripping in a local gay bar in Minnesota. Hedy hired her to be a "Hoochie Coochie" dancer in the carnival. She also danced at Joe Spicolas' "Diamond Horseshoe" in Tampa, Florida. In the early 1960's she moved to Detroit and worked as a Female Impersonator. After Motown Vicki blew into the windy city, Chicago, until 1969 when "The Gilded Cage" moved her and the entire show to San Francisco. Vicki began working at "The Third House" which was next door to the "Frolic Room" where she met Pat Montclair. That was the start of her San Francisco run that is still running. Vicki, once a Hoochie Coochie dancer in a carnival, now holds the title "Grand Marshal 2003" of the Gay Day Parade, one of the biggest carnivals in San Francisco.