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"The Sweetest spot in the Tenderloin"
To the Hot Boxxx girls: Thanks for everything! - your fan club president-
Hoku Mama

The most wonderful place in the whole wide
world is a secret and hidden treasure.
Where boys masquerade in make-up and heels
(except for one sexy stud who loves leather).

The enchanting beauty, Miss Gina La Divina, is a
$65,000 silicone wonder.
She's flawless, she's lecherous, and oh so
sassy…she's one broad I'd love to get under.

Then there's the girl with the liquid spine-
it's just amazing what this one can do.
It's true Vicki Marlane will be seventy soon, but
her pussy is just twenty-two.

You'll never get cold with a cup of steamy
hot chocolate-Miss Donna Rae serves it up right.
And don't be surprised if the hot Latin
bombshell, Miss Reality, keeps you goin' all night.

She may break your heart-our sweet country
bumpkin-but Bonnie Sawyer ain't messin' around.
You've got five minutes to figure it out, or
she'll run your redneck ass right out of town.

The wonder from down under, Miss Daffney
Deluxe, can throw shrimp on my barbie any day,
while the mafia princess, Miss Gypsy Calabrisi,
has the wettest pussy this side of Broadway.

Miss Mini Minerva-the sweet baby dumpling-
always knows just what to do.
"Two of hearts, two hearts that beat as one…"
Mini-"I need you, I need you!"

It's time for intermission and if you need to
use the can, you'd better respect the curtain,
cuz Gina and Vicki are on the prowl and
these two queens will get you I'm certain.
Don't take too long adjusting your thong-
you don't want to miss the next act,
For the infamous sisters of the Hot Boxxx
Girls are ready to go on the attack.

She's the oldest and wisest, fiercest and
brightest-this girl is the definition of fine.
Mannly Lennox will show you all the favorite
positions of a legendary poor man's concubine.

Her baby sister Aurora Styles is the vestal virgin,
and this girl is simply walking perfection.
I pray every night that Aurora's a dyke
for she's the object of my love and affection.

Unfortunately, Gina says the show's winding down,
as my heart slowly fills with sorrow.
Until I remember it's just Friday night,
cuz girl, you know I'll be back tomorrow.
Back to see the amazing Hot Boxxx Girls,
back to drink with my good friend Joe,
back to chat with my girl Collette,
and to see the world's most glamorous show.

"The only people for me are the mad ones. The ones who are mad to talk, mad to live, and mad to be saved. Who never yawn or say a common place thing, but burn, burn, burn, like fabulous yellow roman candles, exploding like spiders across the stars" - Jack Keuroac *

Thanks for everything. You are some flawlessly fierce mother fuckers. I love you all to pieces.
Love Always, Hoku Mama