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Some of San Francisco's finest gender illusionists and lip sync artist.
Aunt Charlie's Lounge
is available for your special event, birthday partys and occasions.
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If you're looking for a wild drag show that warms the sequin cockles of your heart (and who isn't?), Aunt Charlie's Lounge in San Francisco is the place to be on February 1st. That Sunday, they will be holding a drag benefit for PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support) featuring some of SF's most exquisite royalty.

For those not yet in the know, Aunt Charlie's is a transvestite show bar that generally features 10pm shows on Friday and Saturday nights. Regular hostesses include the $65,000 silicone wonder Gina La Divina, Tiger the Asian Tart and Mount Olympus Grand Duchess XXVI Kristy Cruise. This club has firmly established itself in the San Francisco scene and has become popular with gay, lesbian, straight, TS, and TV crowds - mainly because of its warm, welcoming attitude toward anyone of any gender or sexual bias.

When you decide to take the plunge and join the fun, you'll find that customers consist of locals and out-of-towners culled from both a mature and a younger, hipper crowd. Cocktails are stiff and inexpensive. Past (and future) entertainment ranges from tributes to Cher and Madonna, to Shirley Basse imitations, all with guest appearances by the Imperial and Ducal Courts.

If you visit Aunt Charlie's website, you'll find an expansive array of photo delights and teasing taunts complete with hostess photo displays and bio info. Once inside the site, you can also find links to gallery pics and a calendar of upcoming events sure to make your venture to Aunt Charlie's no one-time visit.

The event being held on February 1 is to benefit PAWS, a volunteer organization that "helps to provide quality of life for persons with AIDS or other debilitating illnesses by offering the emotional and practical support to keep the love and companionship of their pets…" according to the official site. Aunt Charlie's will be putting on the flashiest glad-rags again to put muscle - albeit graceful and glamorous muscle - to the event and draw in the crowds to help donate to a worthwhile charity.

Collette La Grande will be joined by hostess Empress 35 Suzie Wong and Grand Duchess 27 China Silk. Food is offered starting at 4 pm, and the raffle and show are scheduled to begin at 5 pm. First prize for the raffle is a $200 gift certificate to Circuit City and second prize is a JVC DVD player - now if that isn't enough to get your hot-pants down there in a hurry, perhaps the subtle beckoning of sequins and eye-shadow (sorry, did I say subtle?) will seduce you into parking your butt on a chair at Aunt Charlie's.

Do it for the animals…they'll thank you later. You'll thank yourself immediately.