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Kristy Krusie
Grand Duchess XXVI

Mount Olympus
Larger than the Rockies, always-chasing men, and thinks she is the only Goddess...that's Kristy Cruise. Born to heard of pachyderms. Miss Cruise realized at a young age that she was difference than the rest of the pack. After a short stint in the circus, she fell in love with the bearded lady and left showbiz to settle down and have young of her own...unfortunately, she ate them. As time went on, Father Time and Mother Nature were not so with drooping breasts, back to show biz she goes...the bright lights, the cheering crowds...that is the life for Kristy.

During the days, she can be found napping between customer, or barking orders at her workers. When not performing at Aunt Charlie's, Kristy is on the board of directors of the Council of Grand Dukes and Grand Duchesses of San Francisco. Through the years she has worked hard for her community, and has held titles of Miss Tavern Guild 28 and Grand duchess 26. She is always willing to give for her community. When you come to the shows, we must use the Shamu warning..Anyone in he first three rows are free have been warned.